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Our Process

F-concept Pre-Construction


Pre-construction planning is vital for successfully bringing your project in on time, at or under budget, and to your satisfaction. This is where the F-Concepts trust-building philosophy really comes into play. We bring as many voices to the table as possible to contribute ideas for saving costs and streamlining schedules, but always with established quality controls.
The pre-construction phase allows us to thoroughly evaluate a number of factors – and to provide the expertise to benefit your project.

F-concept Construction7


Each F-Concepts project will be thoroughly pre- planned to allow a smooth transition from phase to phase. Our project team will work collaboratively with the client’s team from day one. We have extensive knowledge regarding issues with construction and can not only point out potential problems but will offer alternative solutions that won’t negatively impact the construction schedule. Critical materials and long lead items will be identified up front. During the construction phase, specialized software supports on-site project management through project monitoring. The construction manager will use software to oversee quality control, monitor the contractor’s safety program, monitor contractors’ project performance, coordinate permits, technical inspections, and monitor RFIs and submittals to ensure they are on track.

F-concept Construction7


The close-out phase of a project is pivotal because it provides the client with the tools and information necessary to take ownership of the facility.
F-Concepts construction project management team understands the importance of project closeout and avoids costly delays and ensure that your project is completed smoothly and seamlessly.
This includes handing over relevant documentation to the owner. All documentation detailing each stage of the project, As-built drawings, Operations & Maintenance Manuals, and Warranties.